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Why buy a jar, or a trio pack, when you can buy a FIVE PACK!? At the moment we have just sold out of Ironbark, so we only four varieties - all so unique and different. 

If you're purchasing a FIVE pack, please let us know if you'd like a second Yellow bloodwood, Red bloodwood and Grey gum or Meadow and we'll double up on one of these varieties.

* Ti tree (Manuka): delicious, bio-active UMF rating of 5+ (as tested by the University of the Sunshine Coast’s Honey Lab) from Mulgoa (this is a once in 30 years honey).

* Yellow bloodwood: light and floral with a beautiful depth of flavour from Mulgoa.

* Red bloodwood and Grey gum: rich, dark, complex and extremely flavoursome.

* Meadow: light, aromatic drop from a range of floral sources in the Lachlan Valley, over the Blue Mountains, south-west of Bathurst.

Please tell us at checkout if this is a gift, and we will wrap it up for you with pleasure!

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