The place our bees
call home

What makes a region/area perfect for bees?

The truth is, there is no one area, or type of environment, that’s good for bees. It’s ALL about the flora. We move our hives around the Blue Mountains and Bathurst areas of NSW to where the best native tree and shrub blossoms are, to give our bees the best chance of making honey.

The region of Mount Henry Honey

Sometimes we have bees around Mount Henry in Mulgoa, but where we place our hives is always dependent on where the blossoms are. You could have a beautiful stand of Yellowbox gums, but it might not be a flowering season for them.

This means we are always watching what’s happening with the weather, seasons and changing flora around us. Everything is interconnected, and that’s why a deep knowledge of the natural world, and how everything works together ecologically, is so important to beekeeping.

Henry’s dad Nick has been a beekeeper, honing these skills, for over thirty years. And Henry is an ecologist by trade, having worked as a highly skilled field ecologist for over a decade. It’s a powerful combination of minds and knowledge!

Mount Henry Honey Gum Trees
Mount Henry Honey Lake on the property
Gemma of Mount Henry Honey