A Sweet Taste of Nature

You might be surprised to know honey is the third most adulterated food in the world, behind milk and olive oil. Alarmingly, one in five samples of honey tested along Australia’s east coast in 2018 detected contamination. This blended honey of unknown origin has been known to contain antibiotics, toxins, irradiated pollen and even alkaloids. According to Professor Mark Taylor, who led the scientific team behind the National Measurement Institute study that detected this impure honey, “the only way to guarantee that you are getting real bona fide honey is to buy it from a local producer”. 

Henry inspecting the honeycomb of Mount Henry Honey

Mount Henry Honey is 100% pure, and direct from the hives we move around the Blue Mountains and Bathurst regions of NSW. When it comes to our honey you know you’re getting small batch, premium goodness, which is deliciously local and unique.

As an ecologist Henry knows the value of biodiversity, and the power of nature better than most. And it’s this knowledge, under the guidance of his father Nick, that shapes the decision-making process around where their hives should be placed at certain times of year so our bees can take advantage of the best blossoms.

The ‘type’ of honey - Yellow box, for example - depends on which native blossoms the bees decide to forage. Sometimes the honey is from around Mount Henry, and other times it’s from up, in and over the Blue Mountains. But we extract and produce everything here on the farm, in Mulgoa. And it’s all small batch - a moving feast of varieties!

Honey Varieties

Honey Varieties of Mount Henry Honey


Mount Henry Honey Yellowbox Variety

This is a classic, blonde aromatic honey from Bathurst. It’s the honey that tastes like HONEY! It’s not as complex as Forest red gum or Grey gum, but it’s a hands down favourite in our household, and oh so delicious.


Forest Red Gum

Mount Henry Honey Forest Red Gum Variety

We were very lucky to have a huge flowering of Forest red gum on the Cumberland Plain, so this variety is from around Mount Henry, and the local area. It is dark in colour and has a butterscotch-like flavour we can’t get enough of.


Grey Gum

Mount Henry Honey Grey Gum Variety

This rich Grey gum - also from Mulgoa is our go-to honey for depth of flavour - especially good for cooking and baking. 


Ti Tree (Manuka)

Mount Henry Honey Ti Tree Variety

What can we say about our Ti tree? It’s VERY special. Henry’s dad Nick hasn’t seen this variety flow from hives in Mulgoa for over 30 years. It’s a bio active honey with antibacertial properties - perfect for eating by the spoonful in winter. We sent this up to the Honey Laboratory at the University of the Sunshine Coast and it came back with a UMF rating of 5+.


Meadow Honey

Mount Henry Honey Meadow Honey Variety

This is our newest variety, from hives placed around a range of floral sources in the Lachlan Valley, over the Blue Mountains, southwest of Bathurst. It’s light, aromatic and oh so yummy.