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Introducing our beautiful ti tree (Leptospermum) honey!

We were lucky enough to put our hives next to a stand of flowering ti trees here in Mulgoa, and voila!

But the conditions required for the bees to actually produce honey from their blossoms, and our ability to extract it, were perfect. We were extremely fortunate with the timing.

This honey was sent to the Honey Laboratory at the University of the Sunshine Coast, where it was tested for anti-microbial bio active components. And we got an exciting POSITIVE! It classifies as UMF 5+.

In other words, we have produced Manuka honey. Although, with an outstanding legal battle between Australia and NZ over this term we have chosen to call it “ti tree” - which is the same thing.

What we are most excited about around here is that our lead/guru beekeeper, Nick, Henry’s dad, has not seen this honey in over thirty years.


A spoonful of this rich, thick, bio-active, yummy goodness a day, or stirred into warm water/herbal tea, is the perfect antidote to winter. 💛

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